Farmers Image Of The Week #37

One of our Farm Week mentors Neil Thomas Douglas was asked this week to do a pregnancy portrait. Having only done one before, he started out by doing what he thought he should do… create a classic bump shot just like so many other photographers do. But then he realised that Nicole had asked him to photograph her as she liked his alternative style, so he asked her to try something else. He shot her at his back door, using the unique architecture of Glasgow tenements to put the subject into a real context. The resulting images have a rawness that we may not expect with bump photos but it is a beautiful, arresting rawness that are a testament not only to the tenderness of Nicole’s relationship to her future child but also to the relationship and trust that she quickly built up with the photographer. If you are asked to photograph a subject that may not be your normal thing, don’t be tempted to shoot a pastiche of what you think you should do. Remain true to your own vision and the results could push boundaries just like this portrait does.


We are posting Image of the Week early as we are in full on preparation mode for Farm Week which starts on Wednesday. Neil still has a couple of places left on his fantastic class Rock It on Thursday afternoon. He will of course be talking about his work and how taking a few risks pushes the creative boundaries.