Farmers Image Of The Week #35

When I started this series, I really thought that come winter I would struggle to find winning images each week. This could not be further from the truth as I am spoilt for choice time and time again. There are almost 120 awesome photographers in our Facebook group now and they just keep raising the bar. I have loved seeing lots of their end of year round up posts and this week’s image is one I spotted on Lisa from Lisa Jane Photography‘s 2013 review post. This couple look fantastic but what really makes the image stand out is Lisa’s amazing ability to create intimate portraits that really express a moment’s emotion. This is why we have asked Lisa to be our guest at our upcoming London workshop and why this image had 2500 likes in one day on Rock n Roll Bride’s Facebook. I’m really excited about hearing Lisa talk about her work and her methods and about seeing what direction 2014 takes her in.

Lisa Jane Photography01