Farmer’s Image of the Week #345

It takes a lot to really stand out over on Instagram these days but this image from the very brilliant Jim Pollard stopped me in my tracks. We’ve seen a fair few epic mountaintops with couples on them and I am always impressed but it’s a formula that we’ve seen many times now. However this shot takes your breath away. The way their red outfits pop out against the muted background is stunning and that movement in the dress just adds the final panache. The composition and positioning is perfect and their expressions are so serene. Seeing an image like this makes me feel excited for the new images that 2021 has to bring and it’s incredibly inspiring to see what these great photographers Down Under are coming up with while we are still in lockdown here.

Read Jim’s take on the shot below…

Canon 5D Mark IV | Canon 35L f/1.4 | f1.4 | 1/5000 | ISO 125


What Jim Said…

“Jess and Trev had a wee Tea Ceremony before their Western Ceremony, down in Queenstown, NZ. For the tea ceremony, they had traditional Mongolian outfits which just looked incredible. They really popped with colour and vitality. The fabric had a beautiful sheen that really looked wild even in the dull light. We were going to head up the mountain for portraits using an NZ ‘limo’ I.e. a chopper and I jokingly suggested they took their traditional costumes with them, secretly hoping they’d say yes, and they agreed.

So after a few pics in their western attire, they changed (on top of the mountain) and man did they look amazing. I positioned them for maximum light, wind direction (dress flowing in the right direction) and got them to give me a nice staunch expression – hardcore Mongolian! I’ve always wanted to do a traditional Mongolian wedding in Mongolia and in light of the current travel situation, I expect this is as close as I’m going to get for a long while.”