Farmers Image of the Week #344

Canon 5D Mk4 | Canon 50mm 1.2 | f1.21/1000 | ISO 100


Whilst we are still knee deep in a strict national lockdown here in the UK, Farmers in other parts of the world are back out working in relatively more open environments. Currently over in New Zealand, Cushla Francis is enjoying shooting full weddings again. Seeing her images makes me realise that there is an end very much insight for us back in Britain – That the dark days are coming to an end, in terms of both the restrictions and the light. I cannot wait!

At a recent wedding in a National Park, she took her couple to a nearby river for their portraits. What makes this an outstanding image is that stunning location, the colour pop from the bride’s hair and the very careful composition. Enhanced in the post production stage, that dark water and rock mass behind them, frame the couple and allow for them to be seen in isolation. The reflection adds to the sense of symmetry and serenity.

Read Cushla’s take on this shot below … 

Isle of Skye Elopement

What Cushla said ...

“This wedding took place in a National Park which was the location for ‘Rivendell’ in the Lord of the Rings films. When location scouting earlier in the day, I found this beautiful ‘aisle’ of rocks in the river. During the wedding’s portrait session, I asked the couple to walk out to the end, stand side on, and take a moment to themselves while I shot some wide frames from the side of the river.

In post, I loved the photo but found myself wishing the ‘aisle’ was more of an island to complete the symmetry of the image. Some basic photoshopping turned it into an island and I was happy with the result!”