Farmers Image of The Week #338

Sony A7III | Sony 24-70 mm 2.8 | f9 | 1/500 | ISO 1250

OWN PRESET – ‘Attack Of the Thermo’ with DVLOP’s Gabe McClintock Tone Curve

It’s been a crazy busy few weeks at Photography Farm. We travelled up to the East Coast of Scotland to host our latest Shoot Day. It was incredible to be able to still run an in person event in these crazy times. The venue, had plenty of space for us to socially distance and we mostly shot outdoors, keeping the groups really small. It was the first time many of the attendees had been to anything work related for a while and by lunchtime I could see that many of them had made connections with each other. Some have already planned meeting for their own shoots with one on the cards for New Zealand. It was such a welcome reminder about why I started Farm in the first place, to provide education, content and connections for wedding photographers.

So to this week’s awesome Farmers Image of the Week from one of our long time Farmers Jo Donaldson who now shoots with her partner Liam as Jo + Liam. They perfectly illustrate what I think is one of the most exciting things about 2020. That many of us are going back to where we first started out, creating shoots just for the sake of it. To build content, to play with our cameras and to take new creative directions. This is the kind of thing that goes by the wayside as our businesses progress and we are spending all of our time on paid client work. So I’m actually loving seeing what happens when talented photographers just shoot for fun.

Read Jo’s take on this shot below … 

Rebecca Carpenter Farmers Image Of The Week

What Jo said ...

“Joe + Steph are the awesome, effortlessly cool couple behind Bygone Photobooth, a mega popular vintage photobooth based here in Scotland – and our friends too! Steph proposed to Joe last month, and they arranged their wedding at Arnprior Pumpkin Farm in that short time. The four of us love the film ‘Jojo Rabbit’ and when we were last out for a few drinks with them, Joe had half-jokingly asked for a photograph like one of the famous scenes from the film where Jojo Rabbit is running through the woods with his imaginary friend (who happens to be Hitler). The movie is much funnier than that sentence makes it sound! Liam and I had scoped out some woods earlier in the afternoon for the shot, but as the day went on and the sun began to set over the pumpkin patch we thought it would be much better to try and recreate it there. It was definitely a collaborative effort with Joe + Steph, and it took several attempts on high burst mode with Joe leaping off a haybale as high as he could. I chose a way, way smaller aperture than usual as I wanted a deep depth of field, and nicked Liam’s beloved 24-70 so I could get a nice wide shot from where I was crouched. Liam and I excitedly sat side by side for the edit for a change, and opted for a 16:9 crop as it felt more film like. We’re chuffed to bits with the end result, and definitely feel like we nailed the brief for Joe + Steph!”