Farmers Image Of The Week #337

Canon 5DMK3 | Canon 24mm | f2.8 | 1/2500 | ISO 400

PRESET – Phil Chester

Ok, so the industry is super weird right now. The goalposts seem to shift on a weekely basis and it’s so hard to make any plans. I really feel for couples trying to get married. It used to be such a fun process, planning a wedding and now it’s a minefield. So you have to greatly admire anyone who manages to go ahead and have their ceremony. I’ve always loved smaller weddings as they allow more time to focus on genuine emotion and generally you will get longer with the couple for portraits. So I’m loving seeing what elopements and micro wedding images that the Farmers are producing right now.

The series of shots that Liana from Firefly & Embers took for this couple are all utterly stunning. It could be a fashion editorial, how seriously stylish are this pair? I figured that Liana must have taken them off to a far flung destination or undiscovered part of Scotalnd where she lives but no, she told me this is 5 minutes from her house in Aberdeenshire. That’s incredible! I’ve chosen this one as Image of The Week but you should also go see the others.

Read Liana’s take on this shot below … 

Rebecca Carpenter Farmers Image Of The Week

What Liana said ...

“This micro-wedding was for a Belgian couple. We had the ceremony at the registry office, full-on masks and all. For their portraits, the couple wanted to go to a “rocky beach”, matching Dr. Martens at the ready. Awesome!

This was one of the final shots of the day, taken while climbing back to the cars. It was pretty slippy after a heavy rain, so they were walking with a bit of distance between them. Several times, I turned and caught him looking at her with the loveliest gaze as she struggled to climb, so I just waited a few moments to get the shot.”