Farmers Image of the Week #334

Nikon D750 | Sigma Art 35mm

 f16 | 1/5 | ISO 640 

Tribe Red Leaf (Element Water – 08) Preset

Do you ever catch my monthly column in Professional Photo magazine? One of my articles through lockdown was talking about The Business Gap Year. So maybe 2020 is not the year any of us had planned for or could possibly have predicted but personally I have use the time to like an enforced gap year. I’ve signed up to some online learning so that I can improve my business skills and of course I’ve been producing plenty through our live training days which are now all in The Barn as replay sessions. 

In one of these, the brilliant Matt Parry hosted a session for us looking at how he uses Lightroom to enhance images in post production. It’s part of his process and leads to a very distinct and polished end result. Matt’s work is incredible and it’s great to see that our class has inspired other photographers. Lindsey at The Stag and The Doe revisited some of her past work with fresh eyes and came up with this fantastic composition.

Read Lindsey’s take on this shot below … 

What Lindsey said ...

“After watching Thrive Live’s Matt Parry talk, I thought I’d have a dig around and see if there were any dance shots that I could improve. Ones that weren’t that great but I’d see if I could work on them a little.  Rhiannon, the bride, was in the moment but the background had been a bit nothing – a couple of people chatting, one sitting and then space.

I used a B&W preset then started using the graduated filter tool and dropped the exposure right down. I kept layering it as Matt suggested and then used the brush tool to go round the outline of her body and hands. I upped the exposure slightly and dropped the highlights. It’s way better than the original so thank you Matt!”