Farmers Image Of The Week #332

Canon 5DMK4 | Canon 35mm 1.4 | f2.5 | 1/350 | ISO 2000


Weddings are starting again! Yes they are smaller and there are these strange new rules but love is back and we can shoot again. I am super excited to start seeing some fresh images coming in soon. But also I loved seeing lots of gorgeous LGBTQ wedding shots last month in celebration of Pride Month. This incredibly gorgeous photo from the brilliant Lisa Jane Photography is so packed full of joy, energy and colour. Doesn’t it make you fired up to get out there again?

Read Lisa’s take on this shot below … 

What Lisa said ...

Mark and Drew wanted a wedding ceremony that truly reflected them as a couple and celebrated not only their relationship but their family and friends. So after a small intimate legal ceremony, their family and friends filled the room and one of their good friends conducted their ceremony. Filled with personal readings, the most beautiful song written and performed just for them and tales of their adventures, their ceremony had everyone in floods of tears and all the laughter. It was the most wonderful celebration of love and friendship, one that will stick with me for years to come. 

As with all my couples I talk about the joy of confetti and how it is a visual representation of everyones love and support. Having seen a few of my confetti photos, both Mark and Drew knew they wanted this to be a part of their day so we set to work on plan. Every chair in the ceremony room had a bag of confetti and a few trustworthy people were given the excitable task of letting off confetti cannons, including Nina from Occasion Queens, who was helping co-ordinate their day.
The moment they were announced as married, their exit music kicked in and they walked back down the aisle to the biggest cheer and the most colourful explosion of love they had seen. As they walked through the shower of confetti I tracked them walking backwards in front of them. While you can plan for confetti and plot your route through the chaos, it’s moments like this that can’t be staged. Those smiles show the sheer joy and happiness of that ceremony and knowing that an amazing new adventure has begun.
This is the moment, it all becomes real,  I defy any couple not to beam with joy and happiness in this moment.”