Farmers Image Of The Week #331

Sony A7III | Sigma Art 35mm | f2.2 | 1/5000 | ISO 600


At laaaaaaast! Some fresh wedding photos from one of the Farmers. Now I know what you are thinking, weddings haven’t been allowed but this one was very special. With permission granted by The Archbishop of Canterbury, these two NHS workers married in secret at the height of the Pandemic. I knew about it as I’d spoken to their wonderful friend and photographer Rebecca Carpenter, the evening she got in from shooting this. She was utterly exhausted from all the emotion and the stress of driving into the deserted streets of London. But it was never in question that Rebecca would not only get there but that she would help to make it even more precious for them in the absence of all of their loved ones. You probaby saw some shots in the press last week after the NHS decided to release this heart warming story of love in the face of adversity to the press. I’m going to let Rebecca tell the full story. (You might want to get the tissues handy)

Read Rebecca’s’s take on this shot below … 

What Rebecca said ...

In April I photographed a top secret NHS wedding for a doctor and an emergency nurse. All socially distanced and married in the Guys St Thomas Chapel Hospital where they both work. The nurse just happens to be one of my dearest, best friends and this was my gift to them. They deserved this. It wasn’t even a question of whether or not I should do this, I didn’t give it a second thought. (I am rather impulsive…but I lead with my heart and you should understand this about me) and my heart knew I should be there for her when her family and friends couldn’t be, and capture this for them to look back on and share with their families.⁣ 

As soon as they were granted permission from The Arch Bishop of Canterbury I was all in, doing whatever I could to help. ⁣Jann didn’t have a dress in time and I didn’t want this day to be any less special so I called up the incredible Maddie from Morgan Davies Bridal and she didn’t hesitate to loan a dream dress when I told her they were getting married within a matter of days. ⁣It all happened incredibly quick
We had to follow a strict set of rules and be respectful because of COVID-19 and it being a private affair, it was never going to be made public! These photos were never going to ever make the light of day!!
But to my surprise the NHS press team decided they wanted to release this  joyful and uplifting love story after-all to celebrate our amazing NHS.
With all their family and friends watching it all unfold via Zoom, it will forever be one of the most emotional and meaningful weddings I will ever shoot. ⁣

What it stood for. ⁣

Two people risking their lives everyday for others simply wanting to marry each other. No frills, no big fancy celebrations, just them saying their vows, in the church in the hospital where they work, wanting to start their lives together as soon as possible. Because that’s what it’s really about. Marrying the one you love and not wanting to go another day without being married to them.”