Farmers Image Of The Week 330

Canon 5D Mark4 | Canon 24-70mm 2.8 MkII | f2.8 | 1/160 | ISO 3200


I’ve been posting these less and less as lock down has gone on. It’s just so weird, this loop that we are all in and how there are not any new wedding images coming through for now. So this one I chose a while back, it’s from the very brilliant Jen Owens – One of our Scottish Farmers. This style of building is so unique to Scottish cities and while they can be quite fancy out front, round the back is usually a lot more municipal. I think that’s one of the appeals of the image – this quirky doorway who’s blue echoes the groom’s suit and the fact that it’s not your typical wedding photo backdrop. I love how relaxed the bride is while he is working so hard to impress her. It’s a like old fashioned romance that you see in black and white movies. It’s a very sweet and optimistic image and don’t we all need a splash of that right now? 

Read Jen’s take on this shot below … 

What Jen said ...

“Dana and John had travelled over from Salt Lake City with their closest family and friends for their wedding at Timberyard in Edinburgh. It was a wonderful day, but it had been a fairly wet too and we hadn’t had chance to get outside for many photos at all. 

Just after dinner there was a pocket of rain-free time 15 minutes before the light was about to disappear for the day, so we ventured down to the Grassmarket to get a few shots of them with Edinburgh Castle in the background.
On the way, we walked down through West Port, where this photo was taken. John was jumping and clicking his heels and I got a couple of snaps of him doing it then, but as we walked past this door, Dana commented how much she loved the pops of colour that appear all over Edinburgh. The door matched John’s suit so it was a perfect moment to get this shot. The light was almost away, but the colours shone through.
I love how the photo reflects how much fun these two are, as well as showing their style. They are keen Lindy Hop dancers and did the most amazing routine for their first dance so the fact that John could jump this high was no great surprise! Still made for a magic moment, though!”