Farmers Image Of The Week #329

Canon 5D Mark4 | Canon 35mm 1.4 MkII | f1.4 | 1/1000 | ISO 100


How’s your creativity right now? Has it completely stopped becuase the paid work has stopped or has it kicked in a new phase for you? For some this unexpected free time is a gift and they are finding new ways to stay connected to their craft and to keep on creating. I think it’s fascinating to see who is coming through with projects and ideas that they might never have had the time or need to explore if we weren’t all in this current situation. Of course, we are all coming at this thing from different places and all finding our own ways to cope. Scottish Duo Rachel & Tonie have been exploring a personal project, taking images of each other and using digital manipulation. I love the results – they are part document of their physical and mental space in this time and part experimentation with shooting and post production. They are fun and I am positive that they will be taking fresh techniques forward when they do get back into the paid work. I’m predicting that this pair will be heading up a few levels in the near future.

Read Rachel & Tonie’s take on this shot below … 

What Rachel and Tonie said ...

“We hit a wall a couple weeks into lockdown and struggled a lot with not picking up the camera. It was as if we had forgotten why we loved photographing in the first place and forgot we could capture outside of weddings. Feeling a bit lost and missing being creative, we made a plan to start photographing more whist in isolation. All the photos have tested us on new ideas and editing and all link to how we are feeling during this unnerving time. All images have also been taken either in our home or on our dog walks!”