Farmers Image Of The Week #328

Sony A7III | Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art | f1.4 | 1/640 | ISO 400

PRESET : Tribe Archipelago Wayfarer 05

In these strangest of times, you might not be picking up your camera at all, I confess I haven’t. I’ve been ploughing my creativity into Farm but my camera is sitting on my desk looking at me accusingly. Some photographers are still creating though. It might be FaceTime or Zoom Portraits, Self Portraits or Lockdown Documenting.

Jacqui from ChicPhotobyJacqui is a wedding photographer but also she is one of the many brides forced into postponing their weddings this year. So on her wedding day, she gathered up lots of the decor and both her and her partner dressed up in their wedding gear so that she could shoot some portraits. I love the results and the fact that she used the day to do something positive and fun. I actually like this idea as a thing to extend beyond the Pandemic – Portraits of couples in their own homes surrounded by their wedding decor.

Read Jacqui’s take on this shot below … 

What Jacqui says ...

“We were supposed to get married on the 15.04.2020 but due to corona virus we have rescheduled to September. We were so excited to get married and to have our plans just taken away upset us both, we still wanted that to be our wedding day. I suggested to my fiancee about doing a couple of photos in our front room just to commemorate the day. I had been saving up loads of plants for the wedding anyways so we brought them altogether in our living room had a few drinks and just went with the flow. It was actually loads of fun to do and I’m glad we have something to remember the date by. I used an app to control the camera on a tripod.”