Canon 5D Mk4 | Sigma 85mm Art | f4 | 1/1000 | ISO 320


Yes I know I choose a lot of Scottish Elopement shots for these but seriously, I could just look at the landscape all day long. Add in that the most stylish and carefree couples seem to get married up there – it’s a winning formula. So here is another Isle of Skye winner and this time form the lovely Lynne Kennedy who is based up there. 

They must all have really battled the elements to get this shot but I love that the couple just look serene and solely focused in on each other. The only way that we know it was stormy is by how much the bride’s hair and dress are whipped up by the wind. It is perfectly composed which again must have been no easy feat. It’s a terrific photo but I would also love to see the outtakes from this session. There are probably some pretty crazy ones.

Read Lynne’s take on this shot below … 

What Lynne says ...

“The couple are Chanelle and Steve and they eloped to the Isle of Skye, from the north of England, on the weekend of Storm Ciara . Their wedding was Friday 7th February and I think the storm hit us later that night, or the next day, but the wind was pretty blustery during the ceremony (thankfully no rain though!) and then for the portraits afterwards we were battling a bit, but it resulted in some fantastic shots with Chanelle’s hair and dress being blown about.
They were an incredible couple to work with. I barely had to give them any direction or tips at all, they are just a naturally very passionate, affectionate couple. I just told them where to go and they did the rest. If the weather hadn’t been so cold and windy, I think I would have been quite happy to stay out and shoot them all day. It was such a joy working with them. 
This photo is one of my favourites from the shoot, and in fact possibly one of my favourite ever shots.”