Farmers Image Of The Week #324

Nikon D750 | Nikon 35mm 1.8 | f2.2 | 1/125 | ISO 200


This week I’ve been recording the podcasts with the photographers speaking at our next event – Thrive in March. It’s been fascinating to get to know them better and find out about their careers so far or to just chat about the industry in general. One of them is the lovely Sean Bell, based just outside of Edinburgh. We spent the first five minutes discussing a shared love for Tunnocks Caramel Logs before getting into talking about his work and in particular his bridal portraits. Sean always seems to create an intimate rapport with his brides and the resulting images have a sense of serenity and stillness. I’m really looking forward to his talk on shooting bridal prep at Thrive.

Read Sean’s take on this shot below …

What Sean says ...

Sophie and her girls were getting ready in a cottage near the harbour in Crail on the Fife coast in Scotland, its a beautiful old fishing village and the houses hold a lot of individual character.

The morning preparations were nice and chilled so I managed to have a wander around seeking out some light and shapes and hunting for potential places for portraits. I always ask for five minutes alone with the Bride to shoot these before heading to the ceremony and I love this time, it allows a Bride to settle, to breathe, to ponder after all the build-up. I try to work really quickly and quietly, reassuring and directing them when needed whilst trying to create gentle, authentic portraits using the available light and fixtures. I had shot some images in an adjacent room which I was happy with, but the rustic nature of this room really appealed to me and kept drawing me in, with its peeling paintwork and old furniture. The colour palette also seemed to sit nicely with Sophie’s beautiful vintage dress, her hair and skin tone, so as we were about to depart and she walked through the room I asked for another few seconds, I repositioned the mirror so the light would wrap around her a little more and took a few frames of her fixing her hair, she then stopped this and looked up straight into the mirror and down the lens. I clicked this frame and although there were other similar images hundredths of seconds before and after, this spoke to me, there’s something in that look, she was really nervous and excited but there is a quiet confidence in her expression, she looks like a Bride ready both physically and mentally to go enjoy her big day. It’s a simple portrait, but I hope it has caught Sophie’s character at least a little.”