Canon 5Dmk2 | Canon 50mm 1.2 | f1.2 | 1/6400 | ISO 100


There are quite a lot of Farmers now, which is amazing and they are all over the world either travelling or living. So it’s great to follow their work and see some far flung places. Cushla Marie is originally from New Zealand but now based in London. She travels back all the time though and it’s in her homeland that she did this shoot and came up with this winning image.

This landscape is extraordinary, I love how stark it is and how Cushla has placed the couple right in it and in the water. The way that the water fades into sky is so very pleasing and their embrace is very sweet and so nicely reflected by the water.

Read Cushla’s take on this shot below …

What Cushla says ...

‘It  was the middle of summer in New Zealand, which normally means super harsh bright light, but this day was perfectly overcast. I met with Kate and Lance at Piha beach in Auckland for their engagement shoot, planning to take advantage of the beautiful rugged coastline.

To my surprise, my favourite shot of the day didn’t feature any coastline at all! We were shooting near the water when suddenly a big wave came in and we were all wet up to our knees! From then on we went barefoot and ventured into the tide a little more. I found this section of beach which was puddled from the receding tide and everything just came together perfectly. 
There was an eerie mist in the distance which I amplified in post (with a lot of dodging in photoshop!). The aim was to create a sense of isolation between the couple and the rest of the world.’