Farmers Image of the Week #321

Sony A7III | Sony 55mm 1.8 | f2.2 | 1/800 | ISO 200


Do you ever second shoot? I do on the odd occasion – I think it’s an incredibly valuable experience and it’s sometimes lovely to be at a wedding without the pressure of having to direct all the time. Gary Ferguson from Rogues and Queens very kindly second shot a wedding for me a few months ago up in Scotland and he regularly shoots for some of the Scottish Farmers, alongside building up his own wedding photography business. When I spotted this shot on his social media, I had no idea that it was from second shooting – on this occasion with the brilliant Neil Thomas Douglas. It’s a very strong portrait, its strength is in its simplicity. It’s been stripped right back to just the embrace and the tension around it. Gary must be building up a cracking portfolio by now..

Read Gary’s take on this shot below …

What Gary says ...

‘It all started in a forest near Comrie Croft, after an emotionally charged ceremony we took the couple out to the forest behind the venue for a quick photoshoot. As the weather wasn’t looking too great, we had to be quick, fortunately we lucked out and had a short break in the weather. The light in the forest was beautifully soft and gave an ethereal feeling, after that beautiful ceremony I wanted to use that feeling and portray all that emotion in their couple’s session.

I had the idea of the final image in my head. Composed the couple in the middle and under exposed the image, so that it mostly consisted of the couple being lit. There was still some foliage exposed around them, after applying my own preset and some final tweaks in photoshop I achieved the final image I wanted.

Thanks to Neil Thomas Douglas for having me Second Shoot that day.’