Farmers Image Of The Week #315

Canon 5DmkIII | Canon 35mm 1.4 USMĀ 

ISO 3200 | f2.5 | 1/200

Tribe Archipelago LXC06 tweaked

How often do you jump on social media when you are feeling a little glum? Sadly, it very rarely does the job of cheering us up – it’s often the exact opposite and scrolling just brings you down even more. So I want this gorgeous image from Maja Tsolo to make you smile, isn’t it just packed full of joy? The couple look so delighted and there might not be too many guests but they are all rocking that sparkler exit.

This shot is utterly adorable but it’s also chic and makes one of our most used wedding venues look iconic. Many wedding photographers would panic at the thought of a wedding after dark but Maja has more than made the most of it.

Read Maja’s take on this shot below …

What Maja says ...

“Harriet and Will had a ceremony booked at the Old Marylebone Town Hall for 6pm at the end of October. We knew it would be dark by the time the ceremony finished and that doing the classic confetti shot outside the Town Hall wouldn’t work. Harriet suggested they do a sparkler exit instead and I thought that would look great with the building’s beautiful facade as the backdrop and their intimate group of 11 guests. Unfortunately it was raining heavily on the wedding day but these guys were just so happy and excited and they refused to let a bit (or a lot – it was relentless that day!) of rain spoil their day. After a very emotional ceremony I got everyone to line outside the Town Hall for the sparkler photo and it was so wet that we struggled to light up the sparklers. Eventually we managed to get them going and Harriet and Will exited with big smiles to a loud cheer from all their loved ones – it was such a joyful moment and no one could care less about the rain. I have shot at the Old Marylebone Town Hall so many times this year and this image is definitely one of my favourites I took at this venue. For me it represents how a positive perspective has the power to create beautiful memories despite bad weather or darkness or any other less than perfect circumstance that comes up on the big day.”