Farmers Image Of The Week #314

Nikon D750 | Nikon 35mm 1.4

ISO 50 | f4 | 1/2500

VSCO Tweaked

Sometimes I’m just in total awe of the work that the Farmers produce. There are many hugely talented photographers amongst them, that just get on with it and keep producing great work. Andrew Rae is definitely one of those photographers. His work is consistently impressive and often embraces all the elements that a location might present. Here at Farm we love a good rainbow shot and most years there will be one in the list of finalists. I think that’s because first of all, they are super pretty but also because we know that they will have been preluded by rain and that’s always a huge challenge on a wedding day.

I love how the couple are framed by the rainbow here and they seem to be stepping through a little light pool. It’s exquisite in every way. I’ve noticed that Andrew often has his couples in movement outdoors and posed with stillness indoors. I’m not sure if this is deliberate or if it’s just to keep people warm in the Scottish landscapes. Either way, the resulting images are often stunning.

Read Andrew’s take on this shot below …

What Andrew says ...

“This has to be one of my favourite ever weddings. Lisa & James came over by themselves from the US to marry on the Isle of Skye in secret. Only the couple, humanist Penelope and my wife Linda & I (who were witnesses) knew.

The plan was for a loch side ceremony and then to head out and explore the island. I had been checking the weather radar and could see the chaos that was coming in from the Atlantic. The night before we had to move the full plan of the day forward so that they could marry outside before the weather came in. 

This image was post ceremony when the weather hit. We were actually warming up over a whisky beside a fire when the rainbow appeared, so we shot out the door. There was a huge element of luck to get this as the wind and rain was so wild. There was no way to keep the lens clear long enough for more than a couple of frames and I could barely see through the viewfinder. I was constantly clearing both with anything that had a hint of a dry edge. The couple were so much fun though and all was forgiven as we heated up by an open fire to finish the day.”