Farmers Image of The Week #313

Nikon D750 | Sigma Art 20mm 

ISO 800 | f3.2 | 1/50

Custom Preset

We’ve had a little break from Image of The Week. We always do around the Annual Awards, while judging takes place and then I gave myself a couple of weeks off to recover from Farmers Market. So I’m feeling refreshed and ready for another year of winners. Let’s kick off with a bang. The lovely Dale Weeks drew my attention to this spectacular shot from Daniel Ackerley. I love it when Farmers nominate each other – that’s exactly the sort of kindness that binds us as a community. The technique involved is pretty impressive and I think Daniel has shown that he has progressed a lot since we first met him.

However, I do say this over and over within these write ups… it’s the fact that despite all the clever skills involved, there is still a tight connection between the couple and that makes this a stand out shot. Also that Daniel isn’t afraid to use the rain as an asset. It’s winter, it’s the UK, there is bad weather – it’s how you deal with it that matters. Well, now I’m super excited to see what the Farmers produce over the course of another year!

Read Daniel’s take on this shot below …

What Daniel says ...

“It had rained all day, pretty relentless, but my couple are fans of some of my OCF stuff, so requested we head out in the evening to catch something cool. I thought the lights up the venue drive were a cool back drop, and thought there was some potential for a cool effect with rain drops hitting my lens as the wind was light and blowing slightly from left to right across the road. I set up flash behind them directed into the brolly, a flash camera left with a MagMod dome just to expose their faces, and a 3rd flash camera left with a red gel pointed slighty towards and way from my camera so that it would catch the water on my lens and add some colour to the scene. I only managed about 4 frames before the rain got to heavy to stay and my lens was drenched, this was the second of the 4, and it worked really well.”