Farmers Image Of The Week #311

Sony A7III | Tamron 17-28mm 17mm

ISO 800 | f2.8 | 1/400

Own Preset

Did you watch Poldark? Ahhh, it was the perfect Sunday night telly and I’m sad it’s over. Not only is it a rip roaring yarn but it also shows off Cornwall so beautifully, especially the coastline. I was reading an article about how popular the show is in America and how it has boosted tourism in the area so it’s no surprise that couples want to use it as a backdrop for wedding images.

I always love the images shot by Cornish photographer Jo at Enchanted Brides and although she shoots all over the world, it’s her images shot in Cornwall that always stand out to me. She finds locations that I never see anyone else use. All the images shot for this couple are stunning but it’s this one in particular that stood out for me. The ship is an incredible background and the scale of it against those giant boulders creates a lot of drama. The colours and textures are so interesting and the way that they are framed here is perfect. It allows them to be part of the scene but not be overwhelmed by it.

When I got in touch with Jo to ask for it, she said that it was shot by her partner Patrick who is joining her business and relocating from Germany. Well, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more work from them as a duo.

Read Jo’s take on this shot below …

What Jo says ...

“We really wanted to create some dramatic portraits for this couple who had travelled all the way from America. We scouted various locations prior to the day but fell in love with this particular location along the Cornish coastline. The ship is an old German ship, and with Patrick being German and all we thought it was pretty cool and really interesting with the colours, composition and textures. We also double checked no-one had died first on the shipwreck before dragging a couple down a rather steep and slippy coast path to shoot there. The area was tricky to get around as it was wet, huge boulders and scattered with old rusty metal. We thought we may need a tetanus jab after 😀  It was a challenge to work around the tides and the weather but all in all, we are really happy with the images and the couple are too!”