Farmers Image Of The Week #310

Canon 5DMk IV | Canon 35mm 1.4

ISO 250 | f4 | 1/1600

Preset is an evolved version of a long forgotten VSCO. Every time I tweak a preset I rename it after the person (or one of the people) we were shooting – so this version is called ‘Attack of the Thermo March 19’ (named after our friend and fellow farmer Gary Thermo!) haha!

You know by now that lots of these winning images are moody and often quite serious. But every now and then I’ll pick an image that’s simply packed full of joy. Weddings are fun, in fact I’m just getting ready to leave for one now… as an actual guest!! I cannot wait to see some of my pals marry each other and have a day full of happy. This super fun expression of just that was shot up in Glasgow by the brilliant Jo + Liam Duo. Of course what makes this shot is the groom’s graceful leap. Trust me, jumping shots are hard to make look good but he makes it look effortless. But the more I look at it, the more I see.. the college in the background and those ladies in the doorway watching. This probably made their day! Please read what Jo had to say about the image and yes, she is right, it’s the second groom’s inclusion in the shot that connects everything together. 

Read Jo’s take on this shot below …

What Jo says ...

“Wayson + Nick eloped from Hong Kong, picking Glasgow as their friends live here. Wayson is a dancer and constantly moving – he was even wiggling his hips when Nick was helping him put his bow tie on in the morning, not an easy task for Nick 😀 As they crossed the road to the Glasgow registry office Wayson leapt into the air – I just had to point my camera in the right direction. Unfortunately, Nick had been facing the other way with the back of his head to camera, so after excitedly showing them the image we agreed we should attempt it again after the ceremony, with Nick facing the right way. I’m so glad we did orchestrate it a little more, as I think it’s a much stronger image having Nick look to Wayson. There ain’t nothing wrong with taking an off the cuff shot and directing it a little more to give the couple something more impactful. These guys were fab to work with, so full of joy on their wedding day, really at ease with each other and were definitely up for creating some fun photographs of their day.”