Farmers Image Of The Week #308

Sony A7III | Zeiss 35mm 1.4

ISO 1250 | f2 | 1/100

Tribe Archipelago F&S Preset Tweaked

OK, fess up … who amongst you would stress right out if someone tried to book you for a wedding in some caves? I know many wedding photographers who would probably run a mile at the thought of having no natural light at all. But I also know some that would see it as a super fun challenge. The talented Lee Allen is definitely in the latter group. He embraced the location for this wedding and I think has made the very best of it.

There are a few things that I love about this shot but primarily it must be that he’s still used the available light. As you can see from his unedited image, it’s just using a ceiling light that was there already. You don’t need to have all the kit, you just need to be able to think creatively. What I also appreciate is how her dress swishing echoes the shape of the tunnel and fills the void. That fluidity brings softness to a hard, dark place. I also adore her expression and how although this shot is all about her, her confidence, her stunning dress and how great she looks in it, she is looking at him. It’s that tiny gesture that creates a connection which also brings him into the scene and that’s what makes it a winner. Thanks to Rebecca Carpenter for nominating this shot.

Read Lee’s take on this shot below …

What Lee says ...

“This image was from Tyler and Terrys wedding at Wookey Hole Caves. 
After the ceremony we shot some images in and around the caves which are super cool and pretty cramped in places. On the way out of the caves you come to a man made section of tunnels which have been painted to make them look old. All down the tunnel there were little pockets of light and these peaked my interest. Terry isn’t the biggest fan of having his picture taken so I gave him the easiest job in the world….Stand there and look like a bad ass. Tyler on the other hand was having the time of her life so my direction for her was SWISH SWISH SWISH!!!! She swished like a pro and I shot maybe 10 frames.  I kept my shutter a little slow so I can get a bit of movement in the dress and my aperture at f2 so I can get the depth of field in the tunnel.This was roughly 2 minutes out of the entire day.
 With the edit it was super quick – I used my standard colour preset which is based from a Tribe Archipelago F&S preset and then tweaked and it was basically good to go I just nipped into Photoshop to take the light out. Super simple and super quick.”
Lee has kindly provided us with his unedited image too …