Farmers Image Of The Week #307

Nikon D750 | Nikon 35mm 1.4

ISO 800 | f1.8 | 1/320

Own Preset

Our Facebook group last weekend was full of posts from those of us out shooting in that crazy weather. It was stormy, windy, rainy, sunny all day long on Saturday. I love this trend for the more festival style weddings but oh boy does it create challenges when the great British summer refuses to. So maybe I was a little jealous of anyone shooting indoors. 

The talented Keith Bridle was shooting at a Stately Home where one super creative couple created a very chic little white chapel to go with their Vegas meets English Country House wedding. I had a quick Insta stalk and can see that it looks like a little church from the front but Keith came up with the idea to shoot it from above and have the couple lying down. They are perfectly framed by the structure and yet also a part of the house around it. I’m a huge fan of all the symmetry and how Keith has taken a setting that already looked great but he has interpreted it into something that both encompasses the theme and the environment as well as making it something new. I’ll be looking out for more images from this wedding.

Read Keith’s take on his shot below …

What Keith says ...

“Tom and Joey are both in the wedding industry, Joey is an amazing florist who constantly thinks outside of the box and tells her brides to be true to themselves when it comes to every aspect of their wedding. 
T&J did exactly this, mixing an amazing country house with the white chapel of vegas. For this shot I was there for the set-up to scope out shots and think outside of the box for me! There is a balcony above the ceremony area and I’d spotted exactly what I wanted to shoot on the set up day. T&J stood inside the chapel with all the guests looking on, but come wedding day they stood in a totally different part! 
I’ve never asked a couple to lay on the floor before and without hesitation that went straight for it! Wanting to create some symmetry I jiggled them into the right position and then hid my joy on getting the shot! Somerley House is a super warm place so wanted to keep the shot warm and cosy.”