Sony A7III | Sony 24mm GM 1.4

ISO 1600 | f2.8 | 1/200

Own Preset

It’s quite rare that I’m purely a guest at a wedding and so when our very own Lisa Jane and Lee Allen got married last week, I was super thrilled to be invited. Their guests were probably the coolest collection of people that I’ve ever seen in one place and their wedding was perfectly them. There was a whole lotta love in the room and my personal highlight has to be when Lee phoned his Nan as part of his speech. I know if I was the photographer it would have been one of those weddings that I wished I was a guest at. So who was the photographer? Who would two Farmer Mentors choose to shoot their own wedding? They went with their great friend and fellow Farmer Mentor, the very brilliant Matt Parry.

Confession time… I went to the wedding wanting to observe Matt work. I am a huge fan of his images and it’s not very often that I have a chance to see one of my peers in action. However I have to say that I didn’t see too much of what he got up to. Not because he wasn’t working, he bust his ass and not because he worked on the outside of the wedding, he was right at the heart of it. But Matt managed to totally capture the essence of the wedding without interrupting it or orchestrating moments. Lisa and Lee were fully present in their wedding, there wasn’t a feeling that they were ‘taken away’ for photos at any point and yet all the important images were achieved. I’m in awe at both how well they planned their wedding and how well Matt recorded it.

So let’s briefly talk about why I chose this portrait for Image of the Week. It’s not often that I know the subjects in these shots and so I know that this perfectly reflects their personalities and the vibe of their wedding. It’s deceptively simple and yet incredibly clever and if you read Matt’s word’s below you will see that he has very kindly shared his source of inspiration. This is what Farmers Image of The Week is all about for me, getting an insight into the process behind pictures. Both Lee and Matt are teaching at October’s Farmers Market. They have individual classes plus a combined one on Shooting Dancefloors. I know plenty of photographers struggle to capture the party and if that’s you, then book your place now.

Read Matt’s take on this shot below …

What Matt says ...

“When 2 of your best photography buddies get married in an industrial space in East London..well how could I not have a great day? OK there is the possible increased pressure BUT Lee + Lisa are quite literally my perfect couple and from the moment we “signed the deal” over a few too many beers in Kings Cross last year they have totally trusted me and done anything but add any pressure onto the situation…….like I said PERFECT COUPLE!!!!

The shot was obvious. The sofas, the banner, the white wall, the contrasting concrete floor. All I had to do was keep the space clear, which involved repositioning the expresso martini dude when he started setting up along the same wall.
Like lots of my portraits I see the frame earlier in the day and then I envisage the final shot processed (I removed about 3 plug sockets, stains on the wall and generally lightened and whitened the whole thing up) with the couple in it. Bizarrely I shot a wedding a few weeks back where the groom was a photographer who worked as an assistant for a portrait photographer called Pal Hansen and after chatting with him at the wedding I have been fan boying his work ever since. He shoots quirky portraits of famous folk for the Sunday magazines and his work is brilliant. This was one I liked and when I turned up and saw the 2 sofas…well my chance to shoot my own take was too good to pass up.”