Farmers Image Of The Week #305

Nikon D850 | Nikon 24mm f1.4

ISO 100 | f4.5 | 1/2500

Own Preset + ASE Tilt Shift

I feel like ‘Couple in Scottish Landscape’ should be a category in Farmers Awards this year. We’ve now seen a fair few winners that would qualify and this is no doubt a reflection of the elopement trend. So when we see something quite often, it gets harder to stand out and yet Neil Thomas Douglas has once again taken the genre and raised the bar. The couple had travelled from Madrid to renew their vows on the Isle of Skye. They were after an adventure and booked Neil to record it for them. When I approached him about having this for Image of The Week, he asked if it would look bad that he added the tilt shift effect in post production? You could be a purist about it or you could think that however an image gets its special sauce is down to the photographer. I think this shot is improved by the added blur as otherwise the landscape would utterly overwhelm. This way, the eye is drawn first to the couple. 

Read below for Neil’s Story Behind The Shot …

What Neil says ...

“I took full advantage of Sarah & David wearing hiking boots so I climbed up to this point with them and positioned them. Then I jumped down and took a slightly less elevated position and took the shot.  I used Alien skin exposure to add a subtle tilt shift effect as a leading line to the couple as it’s easy for a couple to get lost in these types of shots with a lot of landscape. I had my tilt shift in my bag but they were on the edge with a large drop so didn’t want to mess about!.”