Farmers Image Of The Week #303

Sony A7III | Sony 28mm f2

ISO 100 | f8 | 1/400

Own Preset

Of course most of our winning images are weddings but many of the Farmers also shoot other genres. In fact Lexi Laine may have her very own genre as she has been creating these wonderful underwater images for a while now. Combining her love of photography with her passion for free diving, Lexi uses skills from both to produce stunning photos that reflect a side to our planet that many of us don’t get to see. Her latest series has been highlighting the issue of plastic in our waters and the impact that is having on the environment. The shots are incredible, when I see one pop up in my Insta Feed, it always stops me in my tracks. I’ve invited Lexi to talk about creating personal projects at Farmers Market as she always has one on the go and they are always utterly fascinating.

Read below for Lexi’s Story Behind The Shot …

What Lexi says ...

“This shoot was in one of my favourite spots in the sea around the balearic island of Formentera in the mediterranean. This is actually ten photos manually stitched in photoshop into one image. It’s part of a personal project I’m currently working on called ‘Single Use Planet’ which I started as a way of reflecting my sadness about how much plastic waste is being dumped into our oceans. I got the idea to shoot a series of underwater images with my model Lara and some plastic packaging that I had. It was quite an experimental shoot and we spent around an hour taking shots at various depths. The shapes that Lara was making with the plastic really reminded me of land masses so I thought it would be interesting to combine them together into the layout of a world map.

The response to this image has been very interesting to me, some people see a world map straight away and others only see the figures with the plastic. It’s funny how the human brain works but for me, I really love to make images that have various levels of meaning and that can create different emotional responses in people. Shooting personal projects alongside my paid work allows me to stay creative and keep growing as a photographer and I’m really looking forward to talking on this subject at Farmers Market 19 this coming October.”