Farmers Image of the Week #298

Canon 5DMKIV | Sigma Art 50mm 1.4 | ISO 200 | f2.5 | 1/320

Own Preset

We are still seeing lots of incredible images from last month’s Shoot Day at the glorious Ridge Farm. These days are a great way to get creative away from the pressures of weddings or a paying client. We cannot wait to see what photographers come up with at the next one up in Glencoe in October. Meantime, let’s talk about this stunning shot from Katie Rogers. We first met Katie back at Farmers Market and she said she’s been trying to get to Photography Farm for ages as the classes always looked right up her street. She also joined us at Shoot Day and what I love about this shot is that because she had the time to look around, she could assess the location and spot a brilliant frame like this one. The shadows plus the fact that it’s a reflection, combined with the B+W edit give this an ethereal feel.

Katie has felt so inspired by our community that she has just applied to speak at the upcoming Farmers Market. Her topic is aimed at new wedding photographers and she aims to point them in the right direction for their own careers. Katie, we think you are the perfect person to teach this. Your work is great and it’s a pleasure to see how fast you are progressing. Her class, along with many others just went on sale. Have a look at what’s on offer. 

Read below for Katie’s Story Behind The Shot …

What Katie says ...

This was taken in a little hallway at Ridge Farm, Surrey during the Photography Farm shoot day with Matt Parry as group leader.

I was waiting for my turn to work with model Marlene, and was generally having a nose at the space around us and having a think about what I wanted to capture.
That was when I spotted Marlene’s reflection in a picture frame, and fired a quick few shots in a split second before she moved again.
I love black and white photography, and this shot definitely lent itself to a moodier, atmospheric tone.