Farmers Image of the Week #295

Sony A7III | Sony 24mm 1.4 GM | ISO 100 | f1.4 | 1/8000

I didn’t use a preset this time – I slightly increased exposure, but pumped up the contrast to really draw the eye in to the subject. I dropped the highlights a smidge, and increased the shadows, whites and blacks until I reached a look I was happy with.

Have you seen any the wonderful images from this week’s Shoot Day at Farm? The team worked so incredibly hard despite facing a few challenges but to be fair, this did give the attendees a great flavour of what it is like to work in weddings! Plan A often becomes Plan B, C or D. It is always incredibly interesting to see what Farmers shoot and we work hard to ensure that everyone gets what they need and gets a fair chance at directing and controlling a scene. One of the strongest shots I’ve seen so far is this one from Jack Corthine. This was his first time at Farm and I think he has certainly made an impact with how strong this is. Also how stunning is our model Marlene?

Read Jack’s Story Behind the Shot below…

Styling Erica at Mr & Mrs Unique

MUA Louise Lerego

Hair Love Hair & Co

What Jack says ...

“This was the fourth and final session of a long, hot, and extremely bright day on The Farm, but spirits were still high and the sound of mechanical shutters could be heard echoing around the grounds. After moving our model, Marlene, from the tight, sparsely – but beautifully lit – corridors of the farm house to the wide open space of the grounds, I knew where I wanted to get my shot. After posing next to the house, the lovely Lisa Jane, our Group Leader, moved Marlene on to the gravel and in front of the one of the largest hedgerows I’ve seen in a while! Having spent most of the day shooting on an 85mm prime, I knew now was my time to try out the much acclaimed Sony 24mm 1.4 GM, and, with the sun finally behind a much celebrated blanket of cloud, I swapped to my A7III and the compact prime. When it was my time to shoot, I kneeled down to really make the most of the height of the hedges, and let Marlene fire off pose-after-pose. Being a professional model, she effortlessly shifted and shaped her form to create some lovely moments, but, as soon as she threw her head back and stretched out her arms, I held down the shutter and fired off a burst of shots so I knew I’d capture the moment I really wanted!