Farmers Image Of The Week #293

Canon 5D MKIII | Canon 16-35mm F4 | ISO 100 | f/4 | 1/400

My own preset designed for me by Amy-Leigh Atkins of Northern Presets Co.

I’ve just been looking through some of these winning images and hot damn those Farmers are a talented bunch! There is an incredible range of shots and all interesting for different reasons. Now what about this one from the lovely Kathryn Edwards? With the recent trend for animals at weddings, we are seeing a fair few couple shots with alpaca/owl/donkey/dog/cat/younameit. I love them and so when I spotted this shot, I asked Kathryn to tell us more about it. What better animal to compliment a bride than a white peacock? I love how he is looking the other way, like he is thinking, you think you fancy? Wait until I fan out my tail! 

Read Kathryn’s Story Behind the Shot below…

What kathryn says ...

“The wedding was at Talhenbont Hall in North Wales, a really beautiful venue, with a million quirks and some fantastic spots for shooting. To top it off, they have two peacocks that just roam around during the wedding and frequently manage to upstage anyone and everyone they can. I mean they are beautiful and they know it! But they don’t stand still for very long to get a shot. So when I saw the white one on the wall just as I was taking my couple away for a little portrait session, I grabbed the opportunity quickly. I just asked Ali and Mike to approach softly and try to get as close as possible. I love the mirroring of Ali’s wedding dress with the peacocks train of feathers. Sometimes all the elements fall together quite by accident. This was one of those moments. By the way, I rarely use that lens for portraits but I had just come away from doing some wide shots in the venue, so it was the one on my camera!”