Farmers Image of the Week #291

Canon 5DmkIV | Canon 24-70 2.8 | ISO 100 | f/2.8 | 1/640

Our own preset based vaguely on VSCO Film Kodak Gold 100 – C

Right now I’m deep into the planning for our next big event, Farmers Market in October. I have to say that one of the biggest motivations for me is seeing people progress after attending any classes with us. We’ve met the lovely Rachel from September Pictures at a few of our training events now and she’s won image of the week before but I feel like she’s stepped up a level since attending last month’s FarmShop.

I firmly believe that providing education for photographers is like sending out transmissions and that we all receive them in our own unique ways. Rachel seems to have absorbed so much from the workshop and in particular the Shoot Sessions. It’s incredible for me to see her implementing what she picked up now that she is out shooting real weddings. I particularly love that she had the confidence to seek this location out while shooting at one of the most popular wedding venues in London. It’s very well crafted and very confident and just shows that there is always a creative option wherever you are.

Read Rachel’s Story Behind the Shot below…

What Rachel says ...

“Yesterday was our first wedding of the year – Marylebone Town Hall at noon, only four guests, and a really laid-back couple who were totally up for a stroll around the block to see what we could find to shoot. Right next door is a modern building that’s almost entirely glass – ceiling and all – and the light pouring through onto the steps was glorious (the colours were coming from some dangling art inside). I usually avoid posing couples in a way that might take a bit of adjustment to find the right light because I don’t want them to get stressed or bored or think I’m struggling, but the biggest thing I learned from the three shoot sessions I took at Farmshop19 (The Crawleys, Jim Pollard and Fer Juaristi) was to be more confident and trust myself more – this seemed like the perfect situation to try that out. (And using the harsh light in this way was directly inspired by watching Liam Crawley set up shots.) The end result is part vintage sci-fi, part soviet propaganda poster, and totally different to the elegant portraits we’d shot five minutes earlier between the classic columns at the town hall.“.