Farmers Image Of The Week #289

Canon 5DMkIV | Canon 35mm 1.4L | ISO 400 | f/2 | 1/250

Own Preset

Well that was some week! I feel like I’m still processing all the incredible learning that took place at FarmShop in both London and Glasgow. The Mentors were fantastic, very generous with their teaching and of course at FarmShop, we get to go out and shoot with them. This might be my very favourite part, seeing what these renowned international photographers come up with all shooting within the same spaces. They are all drawn to very different elements and it’s wonderfully inspiring for us to witness.

I bloody love seeing the images come in from the shoots. Liam from The Crawleys has already delivered images from his 6 different shoots. He was great fun to watch, he really is so creative with how he uses the environment. At one point, one of his couples were pushing each other around in a shopping trolley! I’ve picked this shot for image of the week though. It’s one of those seemingly simple but very thought out shots that can only be imagined by someone with a unique vision. It’s amazing use of the space and I wish someone had filmed it being taken as I want to see behind the scenes. It’s intriguing, it’s provocative and it’s naughty. Brilliant! So same time next year for everyone?

What Liam says ...

“I come from a landscape background and I’ve always had a dominant eye for composition and form, even in my portrait photography … this has always been paramount. My eye is naturally drawn to simplicity and balance and I’ll pose my couples within the frame to compliment those elements. I’m also a bit of a joker in life and rarely take anything seriously … I’m drawn to humour and try to bring this through as much as I can in my portraits“.