Farmers Image of the Week #287

Canon 5D Mark IV | Canon 35mm 1.4 | ISO 2000 | f/2.2 | 1/4000th

Tweaked VSCO Portra 160

It’s been a few weeks now since I shot a wedding, I’ve got a lull as I’m knee deep in FarmShop preparation but weirdly I do start to miss shooting weddings. And prep is my favourite part, always. Just like Christmas Eve is my favourite part of Christmas. It’s all about anticipation and that’s probably what has drawn me to this gorgeous image from the lovely Sharon Kee. You can just feel the butterflies rising in the bride’s tummy as she takes her wedding dress from it’s hanger to wear it for real. This is a beautiful story telling image but also it’s just so perfectly exposed and framed. A real technical hit as well as an emotional one. Read below for Sharon’s take on getting it.


“I was in the brides bedroom capturing all her accessory details such as her shoes, perfume and jewellery when she came into the room to commence her final bridal preparations, the donning of her wedding dress. I quickly captured this shot as she was lifting it off its hanger. I love thats its a ‘dress’ shot with a difference.”