Canon 5dmk3 , Canon 85mm 1.2 | ISO 800 |  f1.2 | 1/2500 

Own Preset

OK, did you notice that we've had a few weeks off from this? I'd love to tell you that I've been sunning myself on a tropical island somewhere but in reality I've been utterly busting my ass working on some behind the scenes stuff (all will be revealed very soon!) That's the thing with Farm when things go quiet, you know we are cooking up something new. I've still been selecting images though and will post a couple each week to catch up. But a few weeks back I saw this come up from Jo at Enchanted Bride. I love a bridal portrait with window light, especially at this time of year, they can be a life saver. There are so many ways to do them and Window Light was a theme on The Photography Challenge. I always feel that Jo does bridal portraits so well and this is technically perfect as well as very beautiful.

"This was shot pre-ceremony, the bride had just had her veil put in by the hairdresser so was fiddling with it. As it was an elopement we were in no rush, so all very chilled and relaxed before the ceremony. She was a quiet and thoughtful bride and nothing was forced. The winter light created a lovely diffused window so the shot kinda created itself 🙂 I used the 85mm rather than the 35mm which I had on my other camera as there was clutter and other people around including two videographers, a makeup artist, a hairdresser! The 85mm was perfect to zone in on her and cut out all the distractions."