Canon 5dmk4 , Canon 24-70mm 2.8 | ISO 640 |  f2.8 | 1/2500 

Originally our preset would have been VSCO, but over the years it has been tweaked until I couldn't tell you what it is anymore. Following Samm Blake's advice, every time I tweak/update our colour preset I save it and rename it after the Bride in question - so this current preset is called 'MayClaudiaBeWithYou' haha! 

Yes, I know what you are thinking, 'Really ANOTHER Glencoe Elopement?' This one is not even the first one that has won Image of the Week from this photography duo. But seriously, that place just gives and gives. I feel like now that it has become such an iconic location in our industry that the photographers based in Scotland are looking at ways to present it in less obvious terms. So this intriguing image from the very lovely Jo Donaldson is a super interesting shot. It is deceptively simple in its construction.. you try getting a couple to stand in the exact right spot for a balanced composition sometime! However, what elevates this shot so much is that accurate slice from the line of the mountain through the bride's torso. Then her dress reflects the shape of peaks as well as reflecting back the triangle of sky. The final element is that distance between the couple. The composition needs that space to allow the dress to be the perfect shape but also it raises the emotional tension. This is very clever technique and Jo tells me it was her other half Liam that actually shot it. Read more from her about her settings, her preset and the story behind the image, down below. 

"Travelling from the Netherlands, Charlotte and Guido chose Glencoe as their elopement location because of their love of nature. Due to the distance, the majority of our planning was over email, however a couple of days before their elopement we were able to meet with them in Glasgow, have a few drinks together and watch the World Cup Final - well, Guido and Liam did anyway! Charlotte and I just talked haha! It was an unusually hot, bright day for Glencoe - but that's why we love it up there, you get something different every time you go. This photograph was taken on the way back to their accommodation as the sun was finally setting. The light was just beautiful, and although we felt we had more than enough we couldn't resist pulling over, running up the hill to this plateau with a view towards the Three Sisters. We pointed out to them to head for the break between the mountains, and as Charlotte turned to face Guido in her flowy dress, he really stepped back and took her in - something he did several times that day. Liam captured the moment, and for us it really captures the scale of the setting, and summed up their day - relaxed, in the moment and completely care-free."