Nikon D850 , Nikon 24mm 1.4 | ISO 200 |  f2 | 1/125 

Edited in photoshop with the DVLOP Chrisman Studios -passport series - Prague Preset with a couple of tweaks.

How was your festive season? I'm so sad that it's all over for another year but as much as I love Christmas, I'm also totally done with it all by New Year's Day. I am looking forward to another year of Photography Farm and for the first time, we've started our very own Year of Photos with the Photography Farm Challenge. Each week is a new theme and you can join in or follow along with the hashtag #photographyfarmchallenge on Instagram. 

It's been lovely to see plenty of festive images coming in from weddings over the last week. It really is a magical time of year for shooting and I spotted this cracking shot from the talented John Clark up in Scotland. If you've ever been to Glasgow, you will have seen the famous statue with a traffic cone on its head in the city centre. It's got iconic status there and of course is a popular spot for wedding photos. But John has cleverly jumped around to the other side of the statue, so that the city in all its festive splendour becomes a twinkly background. John has got the light balanced very well for drama and to ensure that the couple are still the main focus. This is very well crafted and I'm sure they are thrilled with it. Read how John achieved it in his own words down below ...

"I love to do two short portrait shoots with my couples at weddings. As most couples don't like getting their photos taken, this allows for the shots to feel quick and let's me be creative. The lovely Lauren & Declan came out after their dinner for some photos under the city centre lights. Everyone that has a wedding in Glasgow city centre wants a pic beside the iconic Duke of Wellington statue with the cone on his head. I actually had another shot in mind but spotted this while taking a step back. It was two days before Christmas, so it was great to get the trees in. I then changed my lens from a 35mm to a 24mm before doing my shot, I reorganised the couple and had the best man aim the flash at the bride. It took a little bit of direction but it was definitely worth it!"