Nikon D750, Nikon 50mm 1.4 | ISO 250 |  f1.4 | 1/100 

LR PRESET: Based on VSCO Portra 400+

ASE for grain and curve tweaks.

How was your Christmas? I've been mostly at home, mostly cooking and eating and mostly not thinking about work. It's been heavenly! But plenty of weddings are still happening and plenty of Farmers are still out shooting them. December can be a really magical time for a wedding, all the pretty lights and candles give you plenty to play with creatively. If winter weddings give you the fear, then take inspiration from this very pretty couple portrait from the brilliant Scottish photographer Sean Bell. Sean is well known for his gentle, moody images that embrace the elements and the environment. This is a wonderfully festive and romantic image and it shows that just because the daylight has gone, the photos don't have to stop.

To read Sean's Story Behind The Shot, look below the image.

"I spent some time with the lovely Matt + Kirsty after their Wedding at Guardswell Farm, running around the woods making portraits and having some fun with the surroundings up there. I was glad to have had this time with them as the light tends to fall-off at around 3:30pm at this time of year in Scotland so its all about working as quickly as possible before darkness descends.

I had spotted the lights on the trees in the morning and thought they would make for a sweet backdrop with a wintery feel so mentioned to the guys about going back to the woods after dinner and they were super keen. I took a few frames of them walking and dancing and laughing between the lights which looked cool but I was really after something more gentle, a quiet portrait, so I found a space with enough light on both sides and just let them ‘be’ for a while. I didn’t have to direct much at all, just let them hang in that space, that moment, with each other."