Canon 5dmk3 , Canon 35L 1.4 | ISO 3200 |  f3.5 | 1/90 

Preset based on Kings & Theives Dead Kelly

As we are less than a week until Christmas, there probably couldn't be a better time for a portrait of a mother and baby to win Image of the Week. With all the stress of finishing up work, shopping, socialising and generally cracking on that you are full of joy when in fact you are full of anxiety, let's all just take a collective step back. Let's remember that all this fuss is about a baby being born and that is enough to celebrate right now. Let's celebrate family, whatever that means to you. 

This heart warming image was shot on a recent family session by the very brilliant Lisa Jane. All her work is about life's moments, documenting them and celebrating them. The everyday act of soothing a baby has been framed in the mirror, isolated in this woman's life and in the room. This is a beautiful, intimate portrait captured sensitively by Lisa without any sense of invasion.

I have a to-do list right now that is longer than Santa's naughty list and I'd give all the mince pies in the world to have someone gently rock me into a nice little nap like this guy. But alas, what I actually need to do is make all the magic of Christmas appear. I hope you have a great festive season and we'll see each other on the other side.. now please pass the sticky tape and a large Baileys. I'll get on with the wrapping while you read Lisa's Story Behind this Image, down below.

"This is a photo from a recent family shoot and 3/4s of the way through the session. I always go with the flow when it comes to familly sessions, babies don't care that you might have a schedule so rather than add stress into a shoot, I let the family and the baby guide the shoot. Baby Arlo started to get tired and like most babies tried to fight it. That in itself can be frustrating and then you add a photographer into the mix and there can be a lot of pressure. So rather than force a situation and I asked Jen to do what she normally does to get him to sleep. I gave her a little space and while Raph and I were in the kitchen making the all important cups of tea, Jen started working her magic.  I popped my head round the door to find her in her usual spot, soothing little Arlo back to to sleep. It was too beautiful a moment to not document and when I spotted their reflection in the mirror, it felt like the perfect way to frame them, documenting the moment while giving them space to be in the moment and chersh the quiet time. To me this is what family sessions are about. This isn't about posed shots and creating moment, it's about giving famlies the opportunity to be together and documenting their every day ordinary.
Jen messaged me when she saw this image sad
'I love his expression in this. I’ve seen that little face so many times but would never have been able to catch him properly in a moment like this'
To know that I captured this moment, a moment she is a part of almost every day and know that it is important to Jen and Raph, is exactly why I do this."