Canon 5dmk3 , Sigma 24mm 1.4 | ISO 200 |  f10 | 1/8

Own Preset

Recently, I've been feeling nostalgic about our original format Photography Farms. A three days and two nights residential workshop at a 15th century farm with a chef, a pool and a hot tub. Hot damn, I miss that chef but also the workshops gave us the chance to really get to know the attendees and work in depth with them. Some photographers have really flourished since attending and I'd say Emma Warley, now working as Duo Emma + Rich, is one of those. She has very much found her confidence and her identity. And it seems to be working very well for her, as the images that they produce often stand out to me, as strong shots but also because their clients rock. 

This pair have a fantastic eye for moments.They are not just busting their asses on the expected shots but they seem to have an ability to seek out the little events that the couple will have enjoyed the most. They are very present and attentive and this leads to them discovering fantastic shots like this one of a very cool bride in full on party mode. I'll bet that she adores this shot. It's not at all surprising that Emma + Rich have been listed on the Fearless Best Photographers In The World for this year and I'm sure they will only get better and better. Read Emma's Story Behind The Shot below ...

"It was late at Emily and Dan's wedding. We'd had the first dance and it was really hot inside the village hall where Emily's brother's band had just done an awesome set. Everyone had danced until they needed a break. Some of Dan's friends had taken him outside for cigars and a cool down. I was just exploring and seeing where everyone had wandered to, which was on the lawn where earlier in the day everyone had been enjoying a picnic and open mic. Now everyone was enjoying the cool evening air after some very frenetic dancing.
I was still set for shooting dance floor, front facing flash and just shooting into the dark, you get the best surprises that way. Emily joined Dan in the cigar smoking and I was just shooting them smoking and looking cool as. There was NO light out on the field. Just the distant lights on the edge of the hall, so you could see where you were stepping, that was about it. Was fun as it was like shooting film, we didn't really know what we had till we were home!
This was an Emma picture - although we don't really know anymore as we're both on a similar level these days. The camera lens combo is often the only way we can tell who shot what."