Canon 5dmk3 , Sigma 35mm 1.4 | ISO 250 |  f5 | 1/640 

Preset : Soft Forest from Brixton Presets

Ever done a personal photography project? I've done a few and although I find it really hard to devote time to them, I always benefit greatly creatively. So I pretty much constantly feel guilty that I'm not doing one, I will always have at least one idea rattling around my head for one and I always have huge admiration for other photographers who do carry them out. This image from the brilliant Jen Owens popped up in my feed this week and immediately intrigued me. Then I saw it is the start of a personal project inspired by the incredible Rosie Hardy. If you don't follow her Instagram then please do so right now. I love the simplicity of this, Jen hasn't added anything superfluous to the theme and  very much conveys the concept of Air. It has a lot of impact and I'm excited to see what else she comes up with.. she has the entire alphabet to work her way through now! Read Jen's Story Behind the Shot below ...

"I've been wanting to do a personal portrait project for a while and really love playing around with photoshop so when I came across the A to Z Rosie Hardy Challenge, which brings both these elements together, I thought I'd give it a bash! This is A for Air so I set off to take it at one of my favourite local places - Belhaven Beach in Dunbar.
It was so cold and windy at the beach, so I set up the shot wrapped up in many, many layers to get the right photo of the umbrella. Then once that was all done I quickly got changed (when I was sure there weren't any dog walkers near by!) and took the image of me reaching for it. It was tricky as the distance I wanted for the shot meant I was too far away my remote trigger to work, so I ended up setting the focus, hitting the 10sec timer then running up the hill as fast as I could to get in place. It took a few attempts! But the running kept me warm... Thankfully there was one shot that really showed the wind through my hair and dress.
In post I Photoshopped the best umbrella photo from the set into the main image and tweaked the colours with Brixton presets."