Nikon D750 , Nikon 35mm 1.4 | ISO 80 |  f4 | 1/800 

Tri-X from Mastin

Every now and then, wedding images go viral, not always for good reasons. But this week some really gorgeous images have been getting a lot of attention just because they are so extraordinary and I'm happy to say they were shot by a Farmer. Andrew Rae took a booking from a US couple who wanted to elope to The Isle Of Skye. On the day of the shoot, the weather was extreme even for Scotland. In heavy rain and gales they went ahead with both the ceremony and the shoot. The resulting images are both dramatic and beautiful. They are a testament to Andrew's skills plus his hardiness and the couple's adventurous spirit. They have been appearing all over the world in the press and on major TV networks and I asked Andrew to choose his favourite for Image of the Week. I think you'll agree, this is some story and this is an incredible image.

"This has to be one of my favourite ever weddings. Lisa & James came over by themselves from the US to marry. they were such good fun and my fiancee Linda & I were witnesses.

The plan was for a loch side ceremony and then to head out and explore the island. I had been checking the weather radar and we could see the chaos that was coming in. The night before we had to move the full plan of the day forward so that they could marry outside before the weather came in. 
Because of the wind, we actually had to turn the car around to be able to open the doors to get to this location. I just love this shot on so many levels. In particular how they can both barely see but are trying get to and help each other.
I could hardly see through the viewfinder and was constantly clearing the lens with anything that had a dry edge.
It felt like a monsoon at times but all was forgiven as we heated up by an open fire to finish the day."