Canon 5dmk4 , Canon 50mm 1.2 | ISO 100 |  f1.8 | 1/5000

Preset | DVLOP, Jose Villa, 400H - Noritsu - For The Love Of Film

Well, this is a first! In a break from the norm, this Image of the Week has been chosen by general consensus from the amazing photographers in the Photography Farmers group on Facebook. Lisa Devlin, Headmistress and chief guru at Photography Farm, shot this image as part of a vow renewal for fellow Farmer Rebecca Carpenter in Las Vegas. This image stood out to all of us because of the amazing use of the dreamy warm desert light, the beautiful tones that Lisa has achieved, and the way that she's used the stunning location to really tell a story in one frame. Over to Lisa to tell us all about how she planned, captured and processed this stunning image...

"Rebecca and Jonathan said that they wanted to renew their vows in Las Vegas in their own way and just the two of them. They would have loved to have eloped but did the whole big wedding thing to keep their families happy, so this ceremony and this trip was just for them. They chose The Little Wedding Chapel as it was where Britney had her Vegas wedding and they opted for the drive through experience with Elvis. I think we were all expecting the ceremony to be a quick thing and for it to feel like a wedding factory but you know what? It was so very lovely and everyone made it really special for them. Elvis was incredible and when he found out that my full name was Lisa Marie, he was just gaga for me... It was a bucket list moment for sure!
This pair were super laid back and just wanted to have a fun experience as part of their US trip. We didn't have any firm plans on where to shoot but we all loved the sleazy motels and sex shops around the wedding chapel. The pastel colours looked so good with their outfits and we were done shooting with plenty of time to spare so I suggested that we head out to the desert. Now this sounds easier than it is! After a few wrong turns, we managed to find a road heading South and totally lucked out when it turned out to be the road that led to the Seven Magic Mountains. This is an insta-popular, colourful art installation in the middle of nowhere. Of course we shot there but also with this perfect little back lit Joshua Tree right beside it. The sun was close to setting and the dust that you can see in the background was from a guy riding a dirt bike, it felt like the different elements just all fell into place. Rebecca is a very talented wedding photographer and we both knew that we'd utterly nailed the desert shot, mostly due to luck but they do say Fortune Smiles on The Righteous!
I feel super honoured to have shot this and for the Farmers to have chosen it themselves for our Image of The Week"