Nikon D850 , Nikon 35mm 1.4G | ISO 100 |  f3.2 | 1/500 

Own Preset 

I do not think we will ever get tired of seeing wedding images in Scotland. The scenery is too incredible and as the seasons change it offers up more drama and more colours. So this week's winner is another stunning shot from Neil Thomas Douglas. He travelled up to Glencoe with this couple and created a beautiful series of images. I love the framing in this shot, the way the stream leads to them and then our eye is drawn to that adorable little house. Wouldn't you just love to be curled up by a peat fire in there? Of course what elevates the shot is that element of drama as the veil is lifted away and her arm reaches for it. Read below to see what Neil had to say about this one.

"Being adventurous types, Cam & Karen wanted a shoot in Glencoe a couple of days after their Glasgow wedding. The groom is from Canada and the bride is Scottish so they had married in the city centre to make it easy for guests. But with their love of the outdoors, they decided on popping on their wedding attire again and wandering about one of the most beautiful places in Scotland. As you can see, it was super windy. I'd set them up for a shot and then suddenly the bride's veil blew off her head. I snapped a few frames and luckily captured the moment."