Sony A7III , Sony G Master 24-70mm 2.8 | ISO 800 |  f4.5 | 1/125

Own Preset

It's been an utterly crazy few weeks at Farm HQ. As soon as we got home from Farmers Market it was straight into launching FarmShop19! We learn so much from each event that we do and we are busting our asses behind the scenes to make our events as great as they can be for you. We ended Farmers Market with our annual awards and I have to say, it was such a fun evening. Congratulations to all our wonderful Trade and Farmer winners, especially Alexa Clarke-Kent who picked up Image of the Year and a huge pile of wonderful prizes as a result.

But it seems that Alexa is not resting on her laurels as straight after Farmers Market, she shot this spectacular image at a wedding. While most of us were looking for indoor options to cope with a very rainy Saturday, Alexa made the rain an asset then added in OCF and used local Brighton landmark 'The Donut' to beautifully frame this couple. This is a highly creative and impressive photo. It's early in the year for Image of the Week but I'm going to say already the bar is set extremely high!

Read her story on how she achieved this shot below ...

"The first thing I would like to say is that it was only possible to get this shot because the couple I was working with were absolute troopers who were willing to stand the the rain, in the dark whilst I got the light right. Andy and Rowan are just the most lovely couple you could meet and I’m so glad they trusted me to get this shot.
They had their wedding in Oh So Social on the seafront in Brighton in early October. It was a very rainy day but they didn’t let that dampen their spirits at all. We were hoping for a break in the rain so we could take some confetti shots by the sculpture just outside the venue. Sadly the rain was relentless and it got dark before we had the chance to do these shots. So we went outside anyway, even though it was dark and still raining. We had three wonderful women from their bridal party to fire confetti canons and I was thinking, this is going to be amazing! I’ve never seen after dark confetti shots before so this is going to be really visually interesting and unusual! Unfortunately, the canons were so powerful that they fired the confetti high into the air then the wind took it away instantly. So with this failed confetti shot under my belt, rather than give up, I thought I had to create something that would make them standing around in the rain worth while. And in the end, the rain itself kind of acted a bit like confetti I think. Or like a thousand twinkling stars surrounding Andy and Rowan.
So onto the technical aspects of the shot… Earlier this year, I made a switch to Sony following 18 years using Canon gear. I had the chance to test out my new camera before I made the leap by attending FarmShop18 back in March of this year.  I bought all new lenses for this system but was pleasantly surprised to discover that my pocket wizards I have always used with my Canon gear still fire with my new Sony camera. They only work in full manual mode but that’s fine with me as I like to control the power of the flash anyway. The setup I used to create this shot was two off camera flashes; both behind the couple but one facing towards the couple and the camera, creating the backlighting plus another facing the ‘doughnut’  to light that up as well. I did a small amount of airbrushing in photoshop to remove the light stands that were partially visible in the shot. We were in pitch black darkness so in order to focus properly, I had a small led torch that I bought from a petrol station that I shone at the couple in order to allow the camera to focus on them. It all feels a bit basic when I describe it like this but I like the fact that you don’t necessarily need to buy crazy expensive lighting systems to get the shot you want!"