Sony A7III , FE 35mm 1.4 Zeiss | ISO 200 |  f2.2 | 1/200 

Preset is a modified version of DVLOP Two Mann Studios Double IPA, it was then imported into PS to clone out a few distractions and add a bit of red tone to the shadows.

Did you make it along to Farmers Market last week? I hope you did because we had an incredible time. I've felt for a while now that someone needed to put on a Trade Show that connected busy working photographers with creative brands. A space that also connected photographers socially and of course as it's Farm there was a huge slice of education. Putting on these events is a Herculean effort on my part so I'm hugely passionate that when people go home, they do the work. That they make the very best of their investment with us and make changes in how they shoot and how they run their businesses.

So I was super thrilled to see this shot from Vicki Clayson. She told me in advance of Market that she was very nervous about shooting a wedding that was all after dark so Lee Allen's Pocket Lighting Class with us seemed like a great choice for her. It's wonderful for both myself and Lee to see someone embrace the techniques so quickly and so well. Our motto is Grow With Us and after last week, I've got a whole bunch of ideas on how we can keep making that happen. First up, I'd like to put Lee's class on again. Let me know if you's be interested. Meantime read below Vicki's story behind this very excellent shot.

"Lucie & David got married at The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. They chose the venue because David had spent a lot of his childhood visiting the museum while growing up in Manchester. The only downside to getting married in such an exciting venue in October was that unfortunately they couldn't get married until after the museum had closed to the public. And this meant darkness.
I'm not going to lie, this made me very nervous, especially as I couldn't visit the venue to see what the light would be like before hand at that time of day. Thankfully Lee Allen had a class as part of Farmers Market just a few days before that dealt with working with alternative lighting (meant to be clearly!) so I quickly added myself on to try and get some ideas and inspiration to take with me. I've used OCF previously, but I had never thought to point the flash at just a blank wall to cleate a circle of light, I've always pointed it at the couple to get a rim light in the past. During his workshop we did exactly this and even with a basic wood panel it created a powerful image.
So when I walked into the Power Room on Saturday ready for Lucie & David's wedding this wheel immediately stood out as an option for their portraits after the ceremony. I liked the fact that there was a lot of industrial pipework surrounding it too so decided to shoot wide to get some of this in, but light the wheel to keep them the main point of interest. We only had 5 minutes until the couple were being called for dinner so I had to work quickly to achieve the look I wanted, and I had to get creative with how to place the flash as there's some kind of engine in front of it so no space for a light stand. So the flash is balanced on a curved engine upside down and pointing at the wooden wheel.
Lee's class really gave me a great thought process when walking into a room and finding opportunities and got me thinking about artificial light sources in a much more creative way. Instead of dreading it I walked into the wedding excited to find interesting ways to shoot"