Nikon D750 , Sigma 35mm 1.4 | ISO 640 |  f1.4 | 1/160 

The post processing for this was very minimal using my own preset but making the image sharper and deepening the blue sky and increasing the vignette.

So did you notice that we had a little break from posting these? That's because we've been prepping for our Annual Awards ceremony. Yes, all these weekly winners go up for votes and you have decided which images from the past year are the best. We have five category winners and one overall Farmers Image of the Year. I know who the winner is.. and I can't wait to give them their award at our fancy dinner next week. But meantime, let's get rolling for next year with some fresh images.

Now I've been keeping my beady eyes on those Farmers and spotted quite a few little gems, however this is an absolute diamond, don't you agree? Shot by the lovely Rebecca Carpenter, what I adore about this image is that so many of us don't see these repetitious moments as creative possibilities. So often it's just a case of getting a good enough shot and not giving it any thought. But sometimes opportunities appear that can make even the most ordinary of wedding day events into something truly magical and this shot is just that.. magical.

Read Rebecca's story behind the image below ...

"The wedding was an a beautiful outdoor affair in a French chateau. The cake cutting happened right at the end of the day and before I knew it, it was pitch black- I mean we seriously couldn't see a thing! There was no outdoor lighting the candles weren't even lit at this point so everyone got their phones out to see the cake and cheese and from where I stood it looked simply beautiful! I didn't even need my speed light so I directed more people to get their phones out and turn their flash on and moved all the guests phones to different levels so it looked like a beautiful starry sky scattered around the bride and groom. What I love is that the bride and groom are purely lit by the phone flashes and the glow of the guests faces and how happy they all look (including a proud Grandma!)."