Nikon D850 , Nikon 24mm 1.8G | ISO 1600 | f2.8 | 1/500 

Own Preset

We had no post last week for Image of the Week, simply because I was away. I was totally off grid, camping with no electricity, no wifi, no devices. It was bliss and when I say camping I do mean safari tents with proper beds and an en suite, I'm not one of nature's back to basics types! I did check in every now and then on the sketchy 4g, mainly to keep on top of my Words With Friends addiction and to see the sneak peeks from this wedding. If you been to our bigger events or you've been a member of The Barn then you will know that our resident Adobe expert and top Geek Girl is the beautiful Tigz Rice. She is also a very brilliant boudoir photographer and will be hosting one of her workshops at Farmers Market in October as well as doing talks on post production and representing Wacom. Yes, she is one busy girl but she also is a bride and last week was the elopement part of her wedding to her boy James. They chose our very own Neil Thomas Douglas to shoot it for them so I was super excited to see what he would come up with. Neil is well known for his environmental portraits and of course that is why they all went to Glencoe but it's this indoors shot that I love the most. It's very cinematic, intimate and carefully constructed. It's packed full of story-telling and romance and of course our girl looks incredible. Neil is a brilliant photographer and a generous teacher, I know that his classes at Farmers Market will be very inspirational. To find out more about this shot, read more from Neil below ...

"When I am shooting Scottish elopements I like to break the shoot up with something like this. It adds to the storytelling and gives the couple a break. We went to a bar tucked away down a back road in Glencoe. The front of the bar looks light and airy and is filled with tourists and families. I knew that the bar round the back entrance would be much more to my taste. I spotted this little snug with a single light source with a sign for Glencoe in the background. We got whisky and I composed the frame. My vision was influenced by my love of Wes Anderson and I tried to position the centre of of the 'Glencoe' writing in the centre of the frame. I'd love to say it was a candid moment but I had to pose them in an exact way due to the one light bulb that lit the whole scene."