Canon 6D , Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 | ISO 400 |  f1.4 | 1/250 

Preset | Forged Red Leaf, Tweaked

How did it get to be August already? This can be quite a tough time of year for us. All your non wedding photographer pals are off on holidays and filling their weekends with fun social events while you are ALWAYS at a wedding or your desk. It can feel relentless but trust me, things always ease up eventually. We've been talking a lot about marketing in our facebook group recently. It's all too easy to let this slip over the summer as you are so busy with the weddings you are shooting now. But we need to always think ahead and always keep posting our best work on social media. This shot from the very brilliant David Ruff stood out to me this week on my social media feeds. I was surprised when he told me it was from a second shooting job. I very much admire that he would make this much effort to make the best of all opportunities that he can make happen. I asked David to tell us more about the story behind the shot.

"Last weekend I was second shooting with the lovely Christine McNally Russell.

That morning I was covering groom prep at the stunning Toftcombs Mansion House in Biggar.
As I entered I was immediately amazed by the huge dining room with the stunning stain glass skylights. I knew straight away that any portraits I would attempt would have to be there with that window in shot .
What I also loved about it all was the banisters, the wallpaper, also the lines and shapes.
Christine mentioned that the bride advised the groom was rather shy and maybe candids would suit best for the groom prep.
After meeting the groom for the first time and chatting after 5mins I knew I could get him to stand In front of the camera for me and get some cool portraits because I didn't want to waste the space that we had.
After I grabbed the shot I knew that I would be experimenting in post with a mirror imaging type look. I usually shoot everything in camera ( prisms etc ) but this time i needed to muster the very little Photoshop skills I have to mirror the frame I seen in my head.
I'm always trying to think outside the box and create a vibe, something that can sometimes make you look twice. Film, & old vinyl art that I grew up looking at always inspires me to create something like this within my work."