Canon 5dmk4 , Canon 24mm 1.4L | ISO 100 |  f2.0 | 1/8000 

Custom preset from ELMT 07 + Boreal profile from TERRAIN Tribe Red Leaf

Are you too busy with weddings to squeeze in Engagement Shoots as well right now or are you managing to still shoot some? I have been and I have to say, it is just so lovely having all this pretty sunshine to play with. And sunny days mean gorgeous sunsets. Suddenly the UK is looking quite Mediterranean and it is wonderful to see that reflected in the imagery that Farmers are producing right now. I'm busy planning our annual Farmers Awards and one of the categories is best engagement image. I reckon this beautiful silhouette shot from Zoë Alexandra must be a contender, what do you think? Read on to hear more from Zoë on how she created this photo.

"This was shot at Lady’s Tower in Elie, Fife where the groom would come to visit his grandparents as a child, and now where they both visit on weekends away from work.  It’s a beautiful spot by the sea with plenty of variation for shots and we spent the first half of the shoot on the black rocks by the sea and in the long grasses. Despite being almost 9pm the sun was still pretty strong, this was during the heat wave and felt like we were in the south of France, not Scotland. I spotted this shot as soon as we entered the tower, but saved it as the last setup, as I knew I wanted a nice relaxed shot with some movement, something I find much easier after a little warming up with some other shots so the couple are much more relaxed and happy to be left alone whilst I wait for everything to come together. I love the warm evening sun lighting up the stone and surrounding rocks and highlighting the dark north sea, it was such a beautiful evening."