Nikon D750 , Sigma 35mm Art | ISO 250 |  f2.8 | 1/100 

Preset : Custom ELMT from Tribe Red Leaf

The Football. Every four years over the summer weddings all over the world grind to a halt while guests sit down to watch football matches. What can you do except embrace it? It's not however the most visually engaging part of shooting a wedding and whilst I've seen quite a few shots of guests huddled around smart phones or glued to TV screens, I've yet to see anyone use it to their creative advantage. Until now that is. I'm a big believer in making the best of whatever you are given with a wedding and doing something unexpected with it. So I have so much admiration for this shot from Agnieszka Marsh. She has used a room full of people engaged in the football to illustrate how this couple only have eyes for each other. By also placing them in the pool of light while the other subjects are in shadow she is highlighting their connection to each other and their isolation from their surroundings. It's an incredibly well thought out and executed image.

"As we were about to take the bride and groom to one of our favourite locations for pictures, we had mentioned in conversation how many brides and grooms had gone to a pub that had meaning to them for one drink. This couple loved the idea as there was a cosy bar bursting with character only 100 yards from where they live and close to where we were. We made the decision to give it a go and headed to the pub after a few shots in the forest we were in.

When we got down to the pub, some frequenters of the establishment were standing outside and initiated conversation, intrigued by a bride in her wedding dress, and offered to buy the bride and groom a drink. A pint of Guinness followed and the same group offered to clear a table by a window for us inside for a picture. What a friendly bunch they are in Northern Ireland.

The England versus Sweden World Cup match was on the TV and everyone was watching it intensely, with some not even noticing the fact the newlyweds had entered the bar. I asked the couple to sit at the well-lit table in the darkened room and enjoy the drinks while I tinkered with composition and settings, just letting them chat with each other waiting for that organic interaction to produce that natural loving moment. All the people in the bar were fixated on the match and this lovely couple only had eyes for each other."