Canon 5dmk3 , Canon 35mm 1.4 | ISO 800 |  f5.0 | 1/125 

Own Preset

Ooofftttt, I do love a good bridal portrait, don't you? I always try to get one at the end of prep when the nerves might be high but also all that anticipation is hanging in the air. It's a highly emotional time and I will never tire of trying to capture what that feels like in images. I also love to see what other photographers come up with in the same circumstances. I have often been told that wedding photography must be easier for me as I'm a girl. Well I suppose it does make it a little less awkward sometimes when women are getting dressed but equally I've been in plenty of groom prep rooms with boys stripping off to their pants. It's not our gender that make us empathetic and mindful as photographers, it requires skills that plenty of men possess too. Being able to read emotions and reflect them back to your subjects. It's about listening more than talking, reacting more than acting and creating ways to tell stories. This image for me from the wonderful Lee Allen sums that all up so perfectly so I asked him to explain a little about the circumstances.

"This was an image from Karen and Steven's wedding that I shot at Trevor Hall in Wales a few weeks ago. It was a very laid back affair and Karen didn't want any bridal prep at all. Instead she asked if I can shoot some portraits of her before the ceremony. There were three large windows lighting the room and I used those first and shot several images of her using natural light. As we were finishing up (her Dad was outside the door waiting to see her for the first time) she reached for her flowers and I had the idea of possibly using one of the mirrors for a full length reflection shot. 
I asked Karen to step into the light and I knelt on the floor and shuffled into a position where I wasn’t in the mirrors but had a full view of her. I took 5 frames with a slight difference in head position but this was my favourite as the others felt a little too over posed".